It’s all shaking!

Well, I did feel it!

Sat at my desk, I suddenly became acutely aware that something wasn’t quite right, it’s a really hard feeling to describe. Something was happening, and it felt really weird. After a couple of seconds, I felt some definite shaking, as well as hearing stuff on my shelves rattling. Just a sudden soft jolt, not huge shaking, and then settling down to the same unnerving feeling that it started with. After a few more seconds, all was back to normal, except for my state of confusion, and suspicion that it could have been a few things:

  1. A small local earth tremor
  2. VERY Large lorry going past – but there was no traffic
  3. Something happening downstairs

It quite clearly wasn’t the second, and the third wouldn’t explain the strange feeling before and after.

Anyway – it turns out that it was an earth tremor, at least it was a tremor locally. Elsewhere in the county it might have been classed as an earthquake, but I reckon some of the stories are exaggerated a bit.

3.6 on the Richter scale, somewhere near the Honister Pass – at least that’s what BBC News are saying.

UPDATE: states it’s actually a 3.5, and is located near Coniston.