Train travel madness part 2

So, after yesterday’s vain attempts to go to Carlisle, I finally decided to take the plunge and go for it today. About 10 minutes ago, I finally bought my tickets, and it’s looking more and more like the train is actually going to arrive.

I was intending to get the 1023 train to Edinburgh, but it seems that I’m now going to get the delayed 1128 train to Edinburgh instead. But, having only left Preston at 11ish, it’s not going to be arriving until 1138 (at the moment).

It seems like it’s the exact same problem as yesterday – an early train broken down coming over Shap, and all other trains getting stuck behind it. Then, all the train staff are in the wrong place for later trains to run. At least, that’s why they’re saying that the train couldn’t run past Preston.

Oh well, looks like I’ve got another 10 minutes to waste away, hope I can make it back from Carlisle later tonight… :S