Fresh launch party!

So, we had the launch party of Fresh last night :D After hours of me shuffling lights around and other folk decorating etc, we eventually transformed the venue into something like this:




(more photos)

Now, we have 6 (at the moment, one’s broken, and another is doing the job of three¬†fluorescent¬†strip lights in the store to total 8) LED PAR36s, and 8 LED PAR64s – configured in pairs. However, I didn’t want them in pairs for this, so I re-addressed the LED64s to “depair” them, and patched the LED36s onto the other universe in the building, which was controlled by FreeStyler. Normally it just controls the foyer lighting, but since the stage area was now a separate area, I thought it could be branched off the main desk.

Kinda wish I had a touchscreen interface for Freestyler, but it seems we don’t have any spare touchscreens lying around :P

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  1. Who was djing? I still need you to introduce me to that guy :)

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