Minatures in photography

Just seen this on a friend’s blog – it looks amazing!

The Sandpit from Human Music & Sound Design on Vimeo.

I’ve seen this sort of thing before as still images, something called tilt-shift or something. I dunno, but if anyone knows how to do it easily, preferably if it’s possible with a 5 megapixel phone camera, or editing with something like The GIMP, I’d love to know how.

I don’t consider myself an arty person, and I don’t really know any of the arty lingo, I just know that this looks cool! :D

Oh, and did I mention – the music in that video is really cool too! :D

1 thought on “Minatures in photography

  1. Hi simon, it’s pretty easy to do. You take a regular photo and then, using editing software, just blur out a large part of the image at the top and bottom, leaving the middle in focus.

    p.s. long time, no see ;)

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