Minecraft Beta 1.3

Well, there’s now some REALLY cool lighting in Minecraft, which does just look absolutely AWESOME!

It’s also possible for me to completely skip the nighttime horror now – I can sleep with beds! Oh, and redstone repeaters are new too :)

2 thoughts on “Minecraft Beta 1.3

  1. LOL Minecraft is the best, although it looks like an early 90s game I am totally addicted. Fortunately the specs are fine for my tablet so I can play Minecraft all the time. But I have a question and Minecraft Beta 1.3 Stwalkerster's Witterings looks like a relevant website so hopefully someone can help me. Does anyone know exactly how large the Minecraft world is compared to the earth? Many thanks. ;-) Tommie

  2. Notch has said several times that it’s huge :P

    Simply put, the maps aren’t infinite, but there’s no hard limits either. Notch claims that after you’ve walked about 1/4 of the way to the sun from here, new map chunks will start overwriting old map chunks, but there are bugs that will occur before you get to that point which make the game pretty unplayable.

    Notch’s most relevant post is here: http://notch.tumblr.com/post/3746989361/terrain-generation-part-1

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