NUS Reclaim Your Voice 22/03/2011

It’s been too long since I’ve been on a good protest march!

I got the chance to change that, and fight against the introduction of tuition fees in Scotland with about 4000 other students from across Scotland today on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, finishing up outside Holyrood and the Scottish Parliament, as part of the Reclaim Your Voice campaign

There were a few speeches, unfortunately my phone messed up (probably an id=10t error on the part of the operator) recording, so I lost the Green Party speech, and the first bit of the Lib Dem speech, and another one too.

Mike Russell (Education Secretary):

Des McNulty (Scottish Labour):

Margaret Smith (Scottish Lib Dems):

I’m annoyed I lost the Green Party speech, as it had a brilliant bit in it where the guy (Patrick Harvie) said “I can’t promise you that I won’t vote to increase tuition fees, but you can promise me something – I want you to promise to sack me if I ever vote for tuition fees!”

The Guardian also has an article about this, and there are quite a few pictures on flickr.