Adding yourself to a linux user group without restarting your session

I recently ran into an issue where I wanted to add myself to a new group (hmbprototype) on my server cluster, but really didn’t want to kill all my processes and restart my session to apply the new group settings.

A bit of searching around lead me to this:

$ newgrp hmbprototype

Seems to have added that group to my list of groups for my current session! :D Obviously, you actually need to create the group and add yourself to it before using newgrp. :P

Before using this yourself, I recommend you look at the man page first ofc :)

$ man newgrp

Google Chrome – It Gets Better


Such an amazingly beautiful video for the It Gets Better project, but also it’s sort-of an advert for Google Chrome – I’m actually proud of the Chrome team for making a video like this, just like I’m proud of anyone who makes a video for the It Gets Better project.

Like many gay youth, I suffered homophobic bullying at school, right the way through until I got to sixth form. It was a struggle, it hurt me emotionally (and thankfully only few times physically), but I managed to ignore it, shut it out, and grew stronger as a result.

As soon as the idiots had left school, and only those who actually cared about learning were left, the bullying reduced to the occasional jibe, and after a couple of months, it disappeared altogether.

It wasn’t until I’d actually stopped getting the bullying that I finally managed to accept I was gay, and it wasn’t for over a year that I finally built up the confidence to tell someone – the person I was closest to, and even then I didn’t do it properly. Once I’d actually come out properly, my world changed hugely – it’s not a big deal to come out (it feels like it though!), but it does make a big difference – it got so much better! I was finally able to just be myself, do what I wanted, and be accepted for who I was.

There are many many gay people around the world, you’re not alone – and trust us when we say IT GETS BETTER! Just hang on, try and cope with it, cos there is light at the end of the tunnel.