Drama Soc – ASBO fairytales

So, drama soc did their spring performance of ASBO Fairytales, the stories told by a drunken fairy about what really happened in Rapunz-l, Sleep-in Beauty, and Sno Whyte and the Seven Dads.

Written and Directed by members of the society, it turned out to be a really good performance – the story of how “chavs” gave their kid to a record producer who locked her away in a tower to produce new songs, then met a another “chav” who corrupted her into the world’s evils; the story of the orphaned child of rich musician parents who got addicted to drugs in the city and partying at night so could never make it to her job on time; and the story of Sno Whyte, the single mother who wants the father (one of the dwarves) to face his responsibilities in an interview on the “King Kyle show”, when it appears that the actual father is unknown because she was rather promiscuous – DNA tests reveal that it is in fact King Kyle himself who is the father, and the show turns on it’s head.

With sound engineering and stage managing  run by events crew, lighting run by oneof the directors after brief training from me, and the lighting also designed by me, it would be a bit self-congratulatory for me to say it looked good Рbut it did.

Congratulations to all who helped with anything to do with it, the hard work paid off :D