End of Year 3, coursework, exams, et al.

It’s been so long since my last post! So much has been going on I just haven’t had time to write anything.

I’ll start with uni stuff, maybe do a few other posts about other things later.

Our group project was finished with much caffeine consumed by a couple of us, finishing off the documentaton and doing a lot of the coding, especially after one or two people in the group, well, let’s just say that I can’t actually say what they did in the end. We got the main requirements done though, even if the whole staff management side of the system was missing… it was a low priority requirement anyway.

Foundations 2 was a really interesting module, one which actually put to use some of the skills that we’ve been taught over the past couple of years such as text parsing, and other cool stuff like that. Turing machines also really tested algorithmic thinking in a much more low-level sense than C or even assembly, and given we had to write the TM simulator as well as the TM, itwas quite interesting to see how it turned out. The exam wasn’t so bad either – it wasn’t great but it was a lot better than I’d expected.

Formal Spec, though, was a different matter. I strongly dislike SML, and Z for that matter, and this was a module built on those two alone. The exam paper seemed more like a competition between the lecturers as to who could get the fewest papers to mark, rather than a test of our knowledge. I don’t think I’ve come across one person who walked out of that exam happy. The SML coursework was a nightmare too, especially as I just can’t do SML.

The Software Engineering / Professional Development exam was really easy, but I’m hoping that it wasn’t deceptively easy, we shall see how that turns out when the results arrive.

MEng Interview

Having sent a CV to the lecturer in charge of admissions to the MEng course a while ago, I’m quite happy to say that I had an interview for it today, and while the official results are yet to be published, I’m reasonably confident about it :). I just hope that my feeling is a good one.