Recently, Tom Daley has publicly announced that he’s met someone who makes him feel safe and happy, and that someone is a man Growing trend towards discarding labels altogether – they can help with self-discovery and classification for others, but do they really help? When you find someone, there’s no point in labels. They don’t fit everyone either, some people may feel they don’t fit anywhere, or don’t know where they fit.

Tom has said it’s all very new to him, so he’s not wanting to apply labels to himself yet. Applying labels to people before they have applied then to themselves only complicates matters and is really presumptuous about them.

I know of a couple of people now who don’t want to apply labels to themselves, either because they don’t believe in labels, or they don’t feel that any labels fit anyway. Everyone’s sexuality is their own, and it’s only them who can say anything about it, so please, as a global community, can we PLEASE only use labels to describe someone if they want to use these labels themselves?