University Playlist

I’ve decided to put together a playlist of the big stuff I’ve been listening to while at Uni, I’ve probably not got everything though!

It’s been a bit of a trip back through time finding all of these tracks, and having to cut out some tracks of albums that I love just so they’re not over represented. There’s also some stuff on here I’ve not really listened to that much, but I remember being popular/big at the time so I’ve included it anyway.┬áSome stuff here is quite old too, but if it’s on here it probably means I discovered it in this timeframe.

I’m not able to provide links to YouTube etc, nor can I create a Spotify playlist, as I don’t use Spotify and recreating this 270(ish)-track playlist would take quite a while! I may add some YouTube links later on to some of the more obscure songs (that I don’t think everyone will recognise instantly).

Anyway, here’s the list:

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