Sad Faces Remember It Differently

13:00, Belly Laugh @ Underbelly Cowgate

Journey into the minds of Sad Faces! Witness the destruction of their friendship in one fateful day! Ascertain that they remember that day differently! Wonder at the wobbly cardboard props and flimsy costumes!Enjoy those complimentary and gratuitous exclamation marks! An ambitious show that dares to blend live sketch comedy with a paying audience, everyone leaves happy (or no-one leaves).

A hilarious show where four friends recount a day where their friendship is destroyed. Of course, it’s not just one person’s account, but rather everyone remembers it differently. Well worth seeing.

The One Hour Plays

14:20, Belly Laugh @ Underbelly Cowgate

The UK’s premier gypsy comedy theatre company proudly present: The One Hour Plays! With help from the audience, our ten-minute plays are conceived, devised, costumed, scripted, musically scored, and staged in only one hour. Anneka Rice meets Art Attack at a gypsy knees-up! This is crazy, zany fun and an exercise in frenetic creativity under unbelievable pressure. As if you needed any further encouragement, the first matey through the door gets a free knitted moustache. Improvised comedy from guerrilla artisans!

Well worth seeing, I’ve had the opportunity to see this several times now and genres have included everything from Westerns to “Shakespearian Porno”. Don’t worry, it’s suitable for kids!

Leads & Stern

17:00, Belly Laugh @ Underbelly Cowgate

Two girls (average height of 5′ 7”) once decided they could probably stand each other enough to be a double act. They were 37% right. So they’ve made a show of their sketches. And themselves. Fast-paced, irreverent and silly, the sketches are sharply observed and often absurd. Topics covered – is Stern an interesting person? No. Will she ever be? Yes or no. Are they better off alone? Maybe. Are they more interesting together? Probably not. The show mainly contains humour and gut-wrenchingly sad bits.

Mark Grist – Rogue Teacher

17:10, Delhi Belly @ Underbelly Cowgate

This year, millions watched an ex-English teacher defeat a teenage grime artist in a rap battle. But it’s a lot more complicated than that. Mark Grist (Dead Poets) has been walking the fine line between stupidity and bravery. Mid-recession, he quit his teaching job to embark on a series of challenges, leading him to become ‘an internet sensation’ (Sun) and ‘unlikely heart-throb’ (Guardian). But when teachers expressed concern about having him in to meet the kids, Mark began to wonder if in all the excitement he’d left himself behind.

Razing Eddie

12:00, Iron Belly @ Underbelly Cowgate

Eddie is a bad lad. He wants to be good. Can he change his destiny and find true love? Disturbing and heart-breaking, Razing Eddie takes an unrelenting look at 21st-century culture and how a moment of madness can make or break a young life. This explosive and provocative new play explores casual violence, broken hearts, family loyalty and restless ghosts.

Chapel Street

14:50, Iron Belly @ Underbelly Cowgate

Chapel Street arrives in Edinburgh and its inhabitants, Joe and Kirsty, are out on the night of their lives. Crackling with energy and dripping with humour, this is a hilarious and heart breaking two-hander that takes on a deep resonance in Cameron’s Broken Britain.

Drama Soc – ASBO fairytales

So, drama soc did their spring performance of ASBO Fairytales, the stories told by a drunken fairy about what really happened in Rapunz-l, Sleep-in Beauty, and Sno Whyte and the Seven Dads.

Written and Directed by members of the society, it turned out to be a really good performance – the story of how “chavs” gave their kid to a record producer who locked her away in a tower to produce new songs, then met a another “chav” who corrupted her into the world’s evils; the story of the orphaned child of rich musician parents who got addicted to drugs in the city and partying at night so could never make it to her job on time; and the story of Sno Whyte, the single mother who wants the father (one of the dwarves) to face his responsibilities in an interview on the “King Kyle show”, when it appears that the actual father is unknown because she was rather promiscuous – DNA tests reveal that it is in fact King Kyle himself who is the father, and the show turns on it’s head.

With sound engineering and stage managing  run by events crew, lighting run by oneof the directors after brief training from me, and the lighting also designed by me, it would be a bit self-congratulatory for me to say it looked good – but it did.

Congratulations to all who helped with anything to do with it, the hard work paid off :D