Minecraft Beta 1.3

Well, there’s now some REALLY cool lighting in Minecraft, which does just look absolutely AWESOME!

It’s also possible for me to completely skip the nighttime horror now – I can sleep with beds! Oh, and redstone repeaters are new too :)

Introducing caterpie.helpmebot.org.uk!

The cluster welcomes it’s third member! Caterpie was created from a need – the need to a Minecraft SMP server to be hosted *somewhere*. My previous plans for the third cluster machine haven’t gone out the window – those plans have just moved almost entirely to metapod :P

caterpie.helpmebot.org.uk is an Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cluster (EC2) node – based on the “free tier” of services. The free tier doesn’t allow much in the way of memory, so I’m not entirely sure how well this will run.

It may turn out that the whole thing doesn’t actually work, in which case I’ll scrap it, but it’s worth a try. :)

Apologies about the HUGE hole near the spawn point – I thought I’d play with the server commands and TNT… ohai bedrock. :D

New Minecraft stuff

squids in minecraft, originally uploaded by stwalkerster.

So, stuff I’ve found since the Beta update:

* Squids! (pictured)
* I’m more likely to stumble across dungeons within minutes of starting a new game.
* There are different types of tree
* Tree leaves disappear when the tree’s trunk has been cut down
* I know more about redstone and logic gates than I thought I did