Travel chaos

So, in my vain attempt to go to Carlisle today, I found out that the trains in the UK actually don’t like the cold weather…

So, I was planning to get the 1023 train, but it was delayed until about 1050ish according to the ticket office guy, so I thought I’d leave it for a bit, check the departures board etc, before buying a ticket – and I’m glad I did.

Southbound was still waiting for the 0742 train to arrive – only 2h40m late! A train had broken down at Tebay, and all the other trains had got stuck behind it.

Eventually they managed to move it, but a lot of trains were in the wrong place after that.

This country seriously doesn’t know how to cope with cold weather…

2.5 feet is not funny

Seriously, who’s smart idea was it to land Edinburgh with 2.5 FEET of snow just before the exams? Like we aren’t stressed enough already with the prospect of the impending exams, just add a bit more stress of how to get to uni when there are no buses running.

The uni didn’t bother cancelling the exams until it would have been too late for me anyway.


Home for Christmas

Well, I decided yesterday that I’d come home today. Did I look at the weather forecast before deciding? No.

So I woke up this morning, expecting the amount of snow and ice to be roughly the same as it’s been for the past few days – minimal.

How wrong was I?

Several inches must have fallen overnight, sometime between 0300 and 1000 UTC. Of course, this meant my train was about half an hour late getting into Haymarket, the start of the train’s journey being Edinburgh Waverley – a distance normally covered in about 4 minutes by train.

And now the overhead power lines have failed just outside Carlisle, so the train ahead of us has got stuck.

Oh the joys of rail travel.

EDIT: That’s 58 mins late leaving Carlisle. :(