Zeros Venue Information

Hall Lights

A switch for the areas near the door is in the back corridor, switches and dimmers for all is in the DJ box behind the lighting desk area (near the dimmer packs).

Equipment Power

Main supply is a 63A RCD breaker on the distro in the electrics cupboard above the amp rack.

There are separate breakers for the “fire”, “live”, “lighting / av”, and “DJ” sockets – fire and DJ are also on switches (numbers “4” and “2”) to the side of the distro. Fire power must be used for enough devices to kill sound output should the fire alarm trigger – normally this is just the main mixer.

Ceeform sockets on the stage (to the left for sound, at the back for lighting) are on switches to the right of the distro (“1” for stage power, “A” for lighting).

Amps are on switches “5” and “6”.

Switched power for the lighting rig is on the bank of switches on the wall opposite the lighting desk. Lighting desk power is behind the lighting desk. Dimmer packs are on the top 6 breakers on the left in the distro.

Order of power-up and power-down is important, the amplifiers must be the last thing to be switched on, and the first thing to be switched off. Likewise, equipment connected to the amplifiers (ie mixer) is next, followed by equipment connected to that. This can usually be summarized by switching on the switches from 1 to 6, and off from 6 to 1.

Due to a current connection issue, 5 and 6 are currently reversed.


Rig power & DMX connections

switched power
dimmed power
DMX loop

Zeros Rig

DMX supply is a singe universe from the lighting desk, sent to a splitter in the dimmer rack. The 5 outputs from this go to the rig (in two halves), the back bar of the stage, the dimmer packs, and to the side of the stage near the store. There is also a DMX loop in the door under the stage.

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