Kendal, Cumbria

LocationKendal, Cumbria
Portal Count 30
Last Update 28 April 2014
Portal KML Kendal Portals

Portal List

St Thomas’s Church, KendalStThomas
The Leyland Motors ClockLeyland
Holy Trinity Parish Church, KendalTrinity
War MemorialWar
Alan Lloyd’s Foundation Pen Shop, KendalPenShop
A Century of ServiceCentury
Carnegie Library, KendalLibrary
The Famous 1657 Chocolate HouseChocHouse
Westmoreland Shopping CentreShopping
Town Hall, KendalTownHall
King’s ThroneThrone
Kendal CastleCastle
Ye Olde Fleece InnFleece
Stramongate BridgeStramongate
Kendal BeaconBeacon
Revolution Memorial 1766, KendalRevolution
James Cropper Memorial, KendalCropper
St George’s Parish Church, KendalStGeorge
The New InnNewInn
Holy Trinity Catholic Church, KendalCatholic
Abbott Hall Art Gallery, KendalAbbotHall
Gawith and Hoggarth Snuff WorksSnuff
The Black Boar, KendalBoar
The Quaker Tapestry, KendalQuaker
The Duke of CumberlandDukeCumb
Murley Moss PlaqueMurleyMoss
Oxenholme Train StationOxStation
Waiting Lounge PlaqueOxWaiting

Link Plan

  1. ???

Total stages: ?

kendal fieldmap

Plan instructions

Complete each numbered line in the link plan BEFORE moving to the next line.

Each numbered line contains a set of instructions to make up a stage. Each stage is composed of a number of instructions, separated by a comma. These instructions can be completed in any order, as long as the entire stage is completed before the next stage is started.

Each instruction lists two portals, with an arrow between them. This represents a link which should be created between these two portals. If the arrow is double-headed, the link can be created from either end. If the arrow is not double-headed, the link must be created by standing at the first portal, and creating a link to the second.

No route optimisation is shown here, you are free to make your own route within each stage.

Failure to complete each stage before moving to the next stage will result in a reduced AP increase.