Windows 10 reinstall guide

  1. Remove Ubuntu HDD. Start by removing the large rectangular cover which covers the underside of the front of the laptop – there’s one screw, and when removed, the cover slides towards the front and then lifts off. I believe¬†the Ubuntu disk is the left one when you have the front of the laptop towards you. There are four screws (red) securing it in place, and remove the short cable (long black connector, green) from the hard disk.IMG_20151017_181310
  2. Reassemble, boot up. Verify that it boots into Windows and shut down.
  3. Turn on, and at the Samsung logo, press F2 to enter setup.IMG_20151017_181645
  4. Press right arrow key to highlight the “Boot” tabIMG_20151017_181651
  5. Press enter to enter “Boot Device Priority”IMG_20151017_181656
  6. Verify that the CD drive is higher than the HDDs. Use F5 and F6 to change the order, and F10 to save and exit. Ensure the Win 10 DVD is in the drive before exiting!
  7. Boot the system into the Windows 10 setup. Choose languages, click Nextw10
  8. Click install noww10
  9. Enter the product key, click Next, and accept the licence T&C. You’ll be prompted with a choice – upgrade or custom. Choose Customw10
  10. You’ll get presented with the partition manager. Yours will look something different to this, as I’m installing on an already clean disk. You basically want to delete all partitions, then choose to install windows in the unpartitioned space. This means Windows will partition automatically for you using the entire disk.w10
  11. Installation will then start, and this takes a while.w10
  12. It’ll restart a few times, just let it boot without touching it.
  13. Choose Customise Settings in the bottom corner when you get to this window:w10
  14. I’d turn all of these off:w10
  15. First and the last are good, second is optional, disable third and fourth:w10
  16. It’ll restart again, several times.
  17. Skip the sign in with a Microsoft account (unless you have one?). The skip button is in the bottom left.w10
  18. Instead, create a local account for yourself.w10
  19. It’ll say Hi, then take a while saying it won’t take long.
  20. Eventually…w10
  21. Welcome to Windows 10!w10
  22. Click Start, and go to Settingsw10
  23. Go to Accounts, Family & Other Users, and Add someone else to this PC:w10
  24. Click the link at the botom saying you don’t have this person’s sign in info:w10
  25. And then add a user without a microsoft accountw10
  26. Finally, create a second account for Granddad – this will be a non-admin account, while yours is an admin account.w10
  27. In Settings -> System -> Display, you can increase the size of the text on Granddad’s account.
  28. In Settings -> System -> About, you can rename the computer to peter-laptop again.
  29. I suggest installing Avast, Chrome,¬†Classic Shell, AdBlock, Office, etc – anything he’d need. I’d also suggest removing the Windows Store, and Edge icons from his taskbar.
  30. You should be able to re-add the Ubuntu disk now, and make sure it’s first in the boot list in the BIOS. If you get the order wrong, it’ll boot into windows. Get it right, and it’ll prompt you with the option of which OS to boot into.