This page lists most of the ways to get in contact with me, but depending on what your query is about, you may be better to use a different method.


  • Security problems? Use the form below. If you wish to encrypt your message, you can do so with my GPG key.
  • Bugs in software I maintain? GitHub is the main place I develop software, and I prefer to keep bugs to one place.


  • Hiding confidential information? Contact the Oversight team and someone (possibly me, probably another Oversighter) will handle your request.
  • Requesting unblock? Please see the “Appealing a block” page on Wikipedia.
  • For most other things, it’s best to leave a message on my Wikipedia talk page for transparency reasons. If privacy really is required, you can use the form below.

Anything else?

Feel free to use the form below to contact me. Alternatively, you can find me on:

If you need encrypted communication, use my GPG key.

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