Meet the Ships

STW-01 – Faulcon Delacy Sidewinder – Opportunity

My “freewinder”, the first ship I started out with.

STW-02 – Faulcon Delacy Viper MkIV – Curiosity

My first purchased ship, Curiosity accompanied me on my first exploration journey around the galaxy to Colonia, Sagittarius A*, and back to the bubble.

STW-03 – Lakon Type 6 – Sojourner

Unfortunately, this ship is rather camera-shy.

A mining ship based in Colonia, this ship was used to participate in a mining community goal and gave me the first taste of mining. Unfortunately, I left this parked at Jaques, and haven’t been back to say “Hi” recently.

STW-04 – Faulcon Delacy Python – Spirit (“Snek”)

Known affectionately as Snek, Spirit is a multi-purpose ship mostly kitted for light bounty hunting and passenger transport.

STW-05 – Lakon Asp Explorer – Pathfinder

A light exploration vessel, this ship hasn’t been broken in yet, but rather will be used for long-distance passenger transport missions.

STW-06 – Faulcon Delacy Anaconda – Red Dragon

The largest ship in my fleet, Red Dragon is still in the process of being kitted out with all it’s necessary gear, and will be used to make long-distance exploration-only missions, which require the insane jump range that only a specially-kitted Anaconda can provide