Server address minecraft.stwalkerster.co.uk
Play mode Player vs Player
Player slots 20
Game mode Survival
Difficulty Normal
White-listing Enabled


  1. Use common sense
  2. Don’t be a dick
  3. Don’t abuse the server
  4. Respect others’ work

This of course leads to the following non-exhaustive corollaries:

  • Don’t fight a wither near… well… *anything*.
  • If you’re gonna build a massive base (including mines), build it far enough away from others that you’re not going to come into conflict, and stay away from the main spawn area.
  • Assume others want privacy by default – don’t go snooping without permission.
  • If you want some land, claim it! Mark it with signs saying it’s yours, and respect other’s claims.
  • Respect the villages and villagers – help them out if you want, but don’t hurt them.


You will need to use the vanilla Minecraft 1.18 to connect to this server.

Server Address: minecraft.stwalkerster.co.uk

You will need to be white-listed in order to connect. To become whitelisted, please contact me with a message containing both a) your Minecraft username, and b) the username of someone you already know on the server, or who can vouch for you

Spawn area town

Ideas for a central town area are welcomed – please build your own things far enough away to allow for this.

On a previous world, we created a “cloisters” safe area around the spawn point.

This time, inclusion of a bank branch for XP banking is worth considering, as well as possibly disabling the “mobile banking” functionality once we’ve built a bank – ideas/opinions welcome.

Server Features

  • Experience banking
  • Armour statues
  • Low durability warning
  • Current coordinates display
  • Maps (see below)


Maps of the server can be found at https://minecraft.stwalkerster.co.uk/cavescliffs/. These maps are updated every six hours based on a snapshot taken at the start of the render. Signs are updated every 30 minutes.


Some signs have a special meaning when it comes to the maps. If a sign has one of the following tags in the top line of the sign, the sign will appear as a marker on the map. The tag used will determine the type of marker which is placed on the map.

There’s no requirement for signs with these tags to be used, but it’s helpful for other people to find their way around the map and to find points of interest.

Browse a full list of the available tags here.

Armour Statues

This is best explained by ZombieCleo’s video, but essentially it’s possible to control armour stands in very fine-tuned ways through the use of a special book.

Durability ping

Run /trigger duraPing to configure – simply click the relevant checkboxes to configure this how you want. The default is to leave it unconfigured.

Coordinates HUD

Run /trigger ch_toggle to turn this on and off.

Experience Banking

Experience points can be “banked” – safely deposited so you don’t have to risk their loss when playing.

To deposit XP into the bank, run /trigger xpb_deposit in the in-game chat.

To withdraw XP again, run /trigger xpb_withdraw

To view your current XP balance, run /trigger xpb_balance


The server admins are:

  • stwalkerster
  • smudger689

The server admins reserve the right to take whatever action they deem necessary for the health of the server and the community. Decisions made in their capacity as server admins are final.

Technical notes

Hostname gloom.lon.stwalkerster.net
Port 25567
Server software Minecraft 1.18 (vanilla)
Data packs AFK Display, Armor Statues, Coordinates HUD, Durability Ping, Track Raw Stats, XPBank