Here’s a list of some of my projects (either that I’ve started, or been involved in):

Wikipedia / MediaWiki


A C# and MySQL-based IRC bot to assist IRC channels which focus around a MediaWiki wiki, (primarially Wikipedia and irc://

ACC Tool

A PHP web form which allows users to request an experienced user create an account for them, giving the experienced user a number of antivandalism checks.

Chronological Contributions Walker

A proof-of-concept early prototype of a huggle-like tool to quickly step though a user’s contributions on a MediaWik wiki.


A bot to batch-block a list of users on MediaWiki given a set of settings.



Strobe Light

An app which uses the device’s camera flash to emulate a strobe light.

FreeStyler DMX Controller Remote

The first Android project I ever did – a remote control (based on TCP/IP) for the FreeStyler DMX software. No longer available, cos the official one is way better!




A rewrite of the Beebmaze game, a simple maze game that ran on a BBC Master computer, this is written in C# and OpenGL.

Bearded Wallhack

Extending from Beebmaze, and using the same base engine, Bearded Wallhack attempts to teach basic programming concepts by removing the standard controls and forcing the user to use programming techniques in Lua to solve the maze.


My own C# implementation of the Minesweeper game, it’s interesting because the difficulty is based on a probability that a square is a mine, and not a set number of mines.

Ingress Tracker

OK, so not strictly a game, but it’s a stats tracker for the Ingress phone game




A C# program which will write a timed .lrc lyric file from a set of lyrics, using foobar2000 as a backend player.

Egg Timer

A simple C# timer app, with status indicators heavily inspired from a Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3.

Regular Expressions Tester Engine

A .NET regular expressions syntax checker, tester, and replace tool.


I also have a number of tools hosted both here and on the Wikimedia Toolserver, see a list here.