Here’s a largely incomplete list of some of my projects (either that I’ve started, or been involved in):

Wikipedia / MediaWiki

Helpmebot (source)

A C# and MySQL-based IRC bot to assist IRC channels which focus around a MediaWiki wiki, (primarially Wikipedia and irc://

ACC Tool (source)

A PHP web form which allows users to request an experienced user create an account for them, giving the experienced user a number of antivandalism checks.

Range block finder (source)

A PHP tool which allows you to find which CIDR ranges have had blocks applied when given a specific IP address. MediaWiki makes it hard to find old range blocks which used to apply to an IP address – this tool trawls the block logs for all the possible CIDR ranges that could have been blocked.

EyeInTheSky (source)

An IRC bot which monitors the Wikipedia recent changes feed, applies filters, and triggers alerts when filters are matched.


Network Manager (source)

An ASP.NET Core / PostgreSQL web application to manage DNS records across multiple zones. Also capable of grouping zones together and applying a record to each zone in the group in one go, and produces BIND-compatible zone files for deployment to DNS servers. It also features reporting to calculate whether the best course of action is to renew a domain registration, or to transfer to a different registrar to save money.


Strobe Light

An app which uses the device’s camera flash to emulate a strobe light. No longer available.

FreeStyler DMX Controller Remote

The first Android project I ever did – a remote control (based on TCP/IP) for the FreeStyler DMX software. No longer available, as the official one is now way better!



A rewrite of the Beebmaze game, a simple maze game that ran on a BBC Master computer, this is written in C# and OpenGL.

Bearded Wallhack (source)

Extending from Beebmaze, and using the same base engine, Bearded Wallhack attempts to teach basic programming concepts by removing the standard controls and forcing the user to use programming techniques in Lua to solve the maze.

Ingress Tracker

OK, so not strictly a game, but it was a stats tracker for the Ingress phone game. This version of the app was a .NET WPF application backed by a Sqlite database.