Sagittarius A*

So, I’m planning to return to the Bubble, and look into some of these passenger missions. Before I leave for the bubble proper though, I’m looking to take a “quick” trip out to Sagittarius A* – a supermassive black hole at the centre of the galaxy – before heading back.

As opposed to my trip out to Jaques, I’m not taking anything home with me, so there’s no pesky mugs to take care of, just Curiosity and myself in the void. I have managed to soup up Curiosity somewhat, so I’ll have a slightly longer jump range (17.58 – unless I somehow manage to make it better still) and be better equipped as an exploration ship now, though nowhere near as good as what I could get in an Anaconda, Diamondback Explorer or Asp Explorer. I’m also not aiming for range this time around, but again aiming to do this as an exploration mission, taking my time to pick up as much exploration data as I can on this route. I’ll be following the same waypoint-plotting technique as described when I overtook CMDR Braxton Doyle on our trip out to Jaques.

Like last time, this is a working document, so expect this to change here and there as I prepare to depart, travel, and arrive.

I believe CMDR Braxton Doyle will be following a similar route to me, though while I plan on not using Neutron Stars to boost my travel speed, I think he may choose to do so.

The rough route plan is this:


In green is the rough route I’ve already completed. In orange is my planned route – back to the bubble via Sag A*. Below is the standard table showing the route I’m actually taking, waypoint by waypoint. These will be plotted as time goes on.

Route Plan

Stage System Waypoint Source
Departure Colonia (Jaques Station)
Waypoint 1 Eoch Pruae MO-H d10-2679 CMDR Braxton Doyle
Waypoint 2 Kyloall KQ-X d1-4993 CMDR Braxton Doyle
Waypoint 3 Kyloarph ID-X c16-488 CMDR Braxton Doyle
Waypoint 4 Kyloaln VB-B d14-2208 CMDR Braxton Doyle
Waypoint 5 Scheau Flyi MM-I c11-836 CMDR Braxton Doyle
Waypoint 6 Schee Flyi XX-L c23-4496 CMDR Braxton Doyle
Waypoint 7 Phroi Flyuae AW-I b14-78 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 8 Phroi Flyuae CI-U c19-6697 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 9 Byoomi HC-B d1-3105 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 10 Myriesly KJ-Y c14-4769 CMDR stwalkerster
Via 1 Myriesly RY-S e3-5414 CMDR stwalkerster
The Six Rings
Waypoint 11 Myriesly WJ-X c28-3625 CMDR stwalkerster
Via 2 Sagittarius A* CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 12 Hypio Pri FA-Q c8-2579 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 13 Wepai LM-N a61-24 CMDR stwalkerster
Via 3 Great Annihilator CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 14 Athaip PN-A d1-9072 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 15 Shrogea SG-F c11-1640 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 16 Ogainks GT-H d10-1210 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 17 Ogainks KX-B d745 CMDR stwalkerster
Via 4 Whambeia PO-Q e5-2321 CMDR stwalkerster
Eyes of Riker
Neutron Waypoint 18 Dryuae Screia AL-P e5-2068 CMDR stwalkerster
Neutron Waypoint 19 Oephaik DZ-D d13-627 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 20 Oephaik IG-R a16-2 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 21 Byoi Aihm UQ-T d4-79 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 22 Blu Ain KL-S a69-0 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 23 Pueloe MW-W b47-7 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 24 Pueloe VL-G b1-3 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 25 Synookio IW-U d3-0 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 26 Synookio YR-Z b15-3 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 27 Eodgols GW-Y b29-7 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 28 Plaa Ain JZ-Z b42-4 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 29 Prieluia NX-A b56-5 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 30 Prieluia YI-S c4-8 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 31 Lysoorb AV-F c11-23 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 32 Byeia Euq EE-L b36-2 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 33 Blu Euq GH-M b49-4 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 34 Blu Euq PB-W b2-4 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 35 NGC 6383 Sector HH-U c3-0 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 36 Blu Thua NE-Y c14-12 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 37 M7 Sector CC-K c9-20 CMDR stwalkerster
Waypoint 38 Col 285 Sector DX-A c14-9 CMDR stwalkerster
Arrival LHS 28 (Flade Enterprise)

Current position

Current Location LHS 28
Distance from Myriesly RY-S e3-5414 0.00 ly / 0 j remaining (10,150.49 ly / 569 j)
Distance from Sagittarius A* 0.00 ly / 0 j remaining (1,244.57 ly / 70 j)
Distance from Great Annihilator 0.00 ly / 0 j remaining (2,921.48 ly / 164 j)
Distance from Whambeia PO-Q e5-2321 0.00 ly / 0 j remaining (4,199.99 ly / 236 j)
Distance from LHS 28 0.00 ly / 0 j remaining (19,284.07 ly / 1081 j)
Total distance 0.00 ly remaining (37,800.60 ly)
Jumps made 1,999
Jump range 17.84 ly
Route plotting range 1,000 ly
Best case jumps remaining 0


Type Σ Δ
27 4
Unsafe drop from Supercruise (into star) 8 4
Unsafe drop from Supercruise (into star causing overheat) 5 0
Attempted Fuel Scoop from TTV 1 0
Overheat 7 0
Unable to jump to intended destination due to insufficient fuel 2 0
Controlled flight into planetary terrain 1 0
SRV fuel depletion 1 0
Unsafe drop from Supercruise (too fast for orbital cruise) 2 0
Attempted to scoop obviously unscoopable star 0 0
Unsafe drop from Supercruise within jet-cone (causing destruction) 0 0

Technical issues

Type Σ Δ
12 0
Computer hardware lock-up while in-game 2 0
Connection loss to Frontier servers 10 0