Minecraft Sign Tags

Player-generated markers

These markers are for in-world objects built by or discovered by players.

Generated structures are also shown below with the intention of being tagged on discovery by a player. This is intended as a simple courtesy to other players as they can immediately see from the map if someone has been to a specific site already.

Icon Tag Usage
Player bases
[House] Player houses. Generally considered to be private. Place at the entrance to the house.
[Hut] Overnight stopping points or mining dropoff points, i.e.: not much more than a bed in a safe place. Generally used for smaller, local bases used in a transient manner rather than a larger, primary base. Place at the entrance to the hut.
[Mine] The entrance to mine workings, if separate from another building.
[Farm] Farms of crops, trees, animals, or other things.
[POI] General points of interest; interesting landscapes; odd geology; tourist destinations; anything that’s interesting. Place as close as reasonably possible.
[Portal] Portals to the Nether. Place on the portal itself. Portals within the nether should indicate where the portal returns to
[Town] NPC Villages. Place on the well or near the town bell if possible – somewhere reasonably central.
[Fast Travel] A fast travel teleport point.
[Canal] A player-cut water channel. Place one sign at each end of the canal.
[Dock] A specially-built boat dock
[Station] A minecart railway station.
[Stable] Horse stables
Generated Structures
[Spawner] Monster spawners. Place as close to the spawner as reasonably possible. Please note the monster type on the sign. If a spawner has been converted into a farm, please use the Farm tag instead.
[Pillager] Pillager outposts. Place somewhere on the outside of the tower.
[Igloo] Monster spawners. Place on the igloo
[Mansion] Woodland Mansions. Place at the entrance to the mansion.
[Stronghold] Strongholds. Place at the entry point to the stronghold from above ground.
[Temple] Desert and Jungle Pyramids. Place somewhere on an outside wall.
[Witch Hut] Witch Huts. Place on the outside of the hut.
[Monument] Ocean Monuments. Place somewhere on the monument itself, or as close as reasonably possible.
[Ruins] Ocean Ruins. Place one sign on one of the structures in the group.
[Shipwreck] Shipwrecks. Place on the ship somewhere.
[Ruined Portal] Ruined Portals. Place on the ruined portal somewhere.
[Fortress] Nether Fortresses. Place on the easiest entry-point to the fortress
[Bastion] Bastion Remnants. Place on the easiest entry-point to the Bastion Remnant
[End City] End Cities. Place somewhere in the End City

Automatically-generated markers

These markers are generated automatically from the objects which exist in the world, without needing to be tagged with signs.

Icon Usage
Ender Chests. Marks the location of every Ender Chest in the world. Note that this has the potential to reveal the location of “secret” bases if they contain an Ender Chest!
End gateways. Marks the location of every End Gateway in The End.

Deprecated tags

These markers are deprecated, and have been replaced by another tag. Please do not use them any longer.


Icon Tag Usage
[Enclosure] Animal farm enclosures. Replaced by [Farm]
[Field] Crop farms. Replaced by [Farm]
[Arboretum] Tree farms. Replaced by [Farm]
[Minecamp] An underground mining basecamp, often used as a home-away-from-home while deep in a mine to offer a safe place to drop mined resources. Place at the entrance to the minecamp. Replaced by [Hut]

Removed tags

These markers have been completely removed from the renders, and will no longer show on the map at all.

Tag Usage
[Mineshaft] Abandoned Mineshafts. Place in the “dirt room” of the mineshaft.