Minecraft Sign Tags

Player-generated markers

These markers are for in-world objects built by players.

[House]Player houses. Place at the entrance to the house
[Hut]Overnight stopping points, i.e.: not much more than a bed in a safe place. Place at the entrance to the hut.
[POI]General points of interest; interesting landscapes; odd geology; anything that’s interesting. Place as close as reasonably possible.
[Portal]Portals to the Nether. Place on the portal itself.
[Enclosure]Animal farm enclosures
[Field]Crop farms
[Arboretum]Tree farms
[Canal]A player-cut water channel. Place one sign at each end of the canal.
[Dock]A specially-built boat dock
[Mine]The entrance to mine workings, if separate from another building.
[Minecamp]An underground mining basecamp, often used as a home-away-from-home while deep in a mine to offer a safe place to drop mined resources. Place at the entrance to the minecamp.
[Station]A railway station.

Naturally occurring

These markers are for naturally-generated points in the world.

[Spawner]Monster spawners. Place as close to the spawner as reasonably possible. Please note the monster type on the sign.
[Pillager]Pillager outposts. Place somewhere on the outside of the tower.
[Mansion]Woodland Mansions. Place at the entrance to the mansion.
[Mineshaft]Abandoned Mineshafts. Place in the “dirt room” of the mineshaft.
[Monument]Ocean Monuments. Place somewhere on the monument itself, or as close as reasonably possible.
[Ruins]Ocean Ruins. Place one sign on one of the structures in the group.
[Stronghold]Strongholds. Place at the entry point to the stronghold from above ground.
[Temple]Desert and Jungle Pyramids. Place somewhere on an outside wall.
[Town]NPC Villages. Place on the well if possible, else somewhere reasonably central.
[Witch Hut]Witch Huts. Place on the outside of the hut.
[Shipwreck]Shipwrecks. Place on the ship somewhere.
[Fortress]Nether Fortresses. Place on the easiest entry-point to the fortress