EyeInTheSky – Privacy Policy

Who we are

EyeInTheSkyBot is an IRC bot which is connected to both the Libera Chat and the Wikimedia IRC networks.

EyeInTheSkyBot is operated by Simon Walker (also known as stwalkerster).

More information about EyeInTheSkyBot and the EyeInTheSky project can be found on the development platform.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Libera Chat Account Names

If you choose to register with the bot on Libera Chat, the bot will collect your NickServ account name and store it in order to identify you in your communications with the bot.

Other information which is received from Libera Chat as part of the IRC¬†protocol includes your hostname or IP address, your ident¬†(operating system username), and the content of the “real name” field. This information may be retained in log files which are kept for no more than 30 days.

In practice, most users will use a Libera Chat cloak to obscure their hostname or IP address, most users will not run an identd server to provide an operating system username, and most users will not populate the real name with their real name. All of this data is collected by Libera Chat and distributed to all users with whom they interact or share a channel.


If you opt-in to email notifications, we require an email address to which the notifications will be sent. When connected to Libera Chat, it is possible for you to change or remove your stored email address at any time.

Who we share your data with

Your email address is not shared with any third parties, with the exception of sending emails to you. When an email is sent to you, it is necessary to include the email address to route the email through the internet to your mailbox.

How long we retain your data

Your Libera Chat account name and email address are retained indefinitely.

It is possible for you to remove your email address at any time, and it is also possible for you to delete your account at any time. Please refer to the documentation for information on how to do this.

What rights you have over your data

If you have an account registered with the bot, you are free to request a copy of the data associated with your account. Such a request should be made by raising a ticket on the bug tracker, or by contacting me via the contact form. Please note that at least one of your NickServ account name or your email address must be provided in order for this request to be fulfilled.

You also have the right to for the data to be erased – which you can perform yourself via IRC, or as above you can request this be performed on your behalf.