Sagittarius A* – 18th Dec 3302 (Day 14)

After a minor incident where I decided to fly into a planet, today hasn’t been particularly exciting.

The only news of note to report is that I appear to have overtaken CMDR Braxton Doyle, as at the current time, the CMDR hasn’t plotted Waypoint 7 yet, so I’ve taken the initiative and plotted that now too. Whether or not he’ll follow me to my first via, I don’t know.


Current location Schee Flyi XX-L c23-4496
Next waypoint Phroi Flyuae AW-I b14-78 (998.96 ly, 56bcj)
Distance from Myriesly RY-S e3-5414 4160.38 ly (234 bcj)
Distance from Sagittarius A* 1244.57 ly (70 bcj)
Distance from Great Annihilator 2921.48 ly (164 bcj)
Distance from Whambeia PO-Q e5-2321 4199.99 ly (236 bcj)
Distance from LHS 28 19284.07 ly (1081 bcj)
Incident count 1
Jumps made 25
Jumps remaining (best case) 1785
Space madness 35 %


Unsafe drop from Supercruise (too fast for orbital cruise)1