Distant Worlds II

With the recent announcement of Distant Worlds II now being open for signup, I’ve quickly jumped on the chance to be involved in the second round of the amazing exploration trip. While I unfortunately missed the last one, I’m not going to make the same mistake again!

I’ll be using this post as an introduction to my intentions, but I expect to have a new post with the final plans on it later. Keep an eye on the tag for this expedition.

The approximate route of the expedition leaves from The Bubble, travels via the Sagittari Conflux, through the galactic core, across the Perseus Stem, Styx and Scutum-Centauris Arm, through The Abyss and up to Beagle Point, then back roughly following the route of the USS Voyager’s voyage home from the Delta Quadrant.

There are a lot of different Commanders taking part – at the time of writing I’m one of 1,728 who have signed up for this.

This expedition is planned to leave after the final chapter of Beyond is released, with the expected enhancements to the exploration functionality of the game. Therefore, the expedition is not expected to depart until Q4 2018 or even Q1 2019.

I’m planning to take Pathfinder, my Asp Explorer. The provisional outfitting that I have puts me at an approximate jump range of 46.02 ly, so this is what I expect to have pending any additional engineering I do. Pathfinder will be switching it’s ship ID from STW-05 to it’s new Distant Worlds 2 designation – 1M2-DW

Looking over signup list, I see both CMDR Obsidian Ant (#108, 18P-DW) of YouTube fame, CMDR Felix Macedonica (#455, 011-DW) of VonRictofen’s RescueMacedonica’s Leap fame and also CMDR Harry Potter (#2223, 0A1-DW) from SDC. While I’m excited to see Obsidian Ant and Felix Macedonica on this list, SDC’s presence, while unsurprising, I’m less enthusiastic about.

Anyway, for now, this is mostly just to say “I’ll be there!”, and as more details are released by the DW2 staff team, I’ll start planning a more detailed mission.

The DW2 logo and the DW2 route plan above are sourced from the DW2 signup thread – more information about the DW2 expedition (and if you want to sign up yourself) can be found at the relevant forum thread.

Route Plan

Stage System Waypoint Source
Departure LHS 28 (Flade Enterprise)
Via 1 Pallaeni CMDR Fleetcomm
Fleet Departure Point
Waypoint 1 Omega Sector VE-Q b5-15 CMDR Fleetcomm
Roald Landing
Waypoint 2 Pru Aescs NC-M d7-192 CMDR Fleetcomm
Conflux Delta Site
Waypoint 3 Clooku EW-Y C3-197 CMDR Fleetcomm
Shepard Shallows
Waypoint 4 Boewnst KS-S c20-959 CMDR Fleetcomm
Polo Harbour Planetary Outpost
Waypoint 5 Unplotted CMDR Fleetcomm
Via 2 Sagittarius A* CMDR Fleetcomm
Waypoint 6 Unplotted CMDR Fleetcomm
Waypoint 7 Unplotted CMDR Fleetcomm
Waypoint 8 Unplotted CMDR Fleetcomm
Waypoint 9 Unplotted CMDR Fleetcomm
Waypoint 10 Unplotted CMDR Fleetcomm
Waypoint 11 Unplotted CMDR Fleetcomm
Waypoint 12 Unplotted CMDR Fleetcomm
Waypoint 13 Unplotted CMDR Fleetcomm
Waypoint 14 Unplotted CMDR Fleetcomm
Via 3 Beagle Point CMDR Fleetcomm
Arrival LHS 28 (Flade Enterprise) CMDR Fleetcomm

Current position

Current Location Ploi Aim WC-V b2-18
Distance from Pallaeni 0.00 ly / 0 j remaining (217.34 ly / 5 j)
Distance from Sagittarius A* 25,940.21 ly / 564 j remaining (25,771.77 ly / 561 j)
Distance from Beagle Point 39,386.35 ly / 856 j
Distance from LHS 28 65,319.24 ly / 1420 j
Total distance 130,645.80 ly remaining (130,694.70 ly)
Jumps made 248
Jump range 46.02 ly
Route plotting range 20,000 ly
Best case jumps remaining 2840


Type Σ Δ
5 0
Unsafe drop from Supercruise (into star) 0 0
Diversions to Fuel Scoop 2 0
Overheat 1 0
Unable to jump to intended destination due to insufficient fuel 0 0
Attempted to scoop obviously unscoopable star 0 0
Unsafe drop from Supercruise within jet-cone (causing destruction) 0 0
Accidental deployment of heatsink 1 0
Killed by another CMDR 1 0

Technical issues

Type Σ Δ
1 0
Journal file corruption 1 0