Bubblegum worlds

With the new E:D lighting system just around the corner, there’s a few worlds which I want to go and visit with the old lighting system.

I’ve heard stories of fluorescent green and pink gas giants in the depths of space, and I simply have to see these for myself before they’re toned down with the next update.

I’m taking my Asp Explorer “Pathfinder” as a prelude to Distant Worlds II which is happening early next year. I’ve got this loadout, which gives me a decent jump range of 43.78ly laden, oh, and did I mention I’ve already left?

As always, this post is live – the content below reflects the current status of my journey as detailed in the database I’ve got backing these trips. Whether I post detailed updates about the journey as I go is yet to be seen.

Update 2018-11-22: I got caught in a jet cone and destroyed my ship. I’m going to try again, but this might be the end of the feasible mission.

Route Plan

Stage System Waypoint Source
Departure LHS 28 (Flade Enterprise)
Via 1 Xeehia GT-G d11-9 CMDR stwalkerster
Causality of Lotus
Via 2 Blua Hypa HT-F d12-1226 CMDR stwalkerster
Blua Hypa Glowing Green Giant
Via 3 Dryoea Flyuae AA-A g392 CMDR stwalkerster
Via 4 Kyloarph QY-S e3-1561 CMDR stwalkerster
Orange striped gas giant
Via 5 Colonia CMDR stwalkerster
Via 6 HD 175876 CMDR stwalkerster
Heaven's Lathe
Arrival LHS 28 (Flade Enterprise) CMDR stwalkerster

Current position

Current Location LHS 28
Distance from Xeehia GT-G d11-9 12,623.17 ly / 289 j
Distance from Blua Hypa HT-F d12-1226 2,949.29 ly / 68 j
Distance from Dryoea Flyuae AA-A g392 5,445.78 ly / 125 j
Distance from Kyloarph QY-S e3-1561 3,201.86 ly / 74 j
Distance from Colonia 2,408.91 ly / 56 j
Distance from HD 175876 19,639.68 ly / 449 j
Distance from LHS 28 2,468.52 ly / 57 j
Total distance 48,737.21 ly
Jumps made 166
Jump range 43.78 ly
Route plotting range 20,000 ly
Best case jumps remaining 1118


Type Σ Δ
9 1
Unsafe drop from Supercruise (into star) 2 0
Unsafe drop from Supercruise (into star causing overheat) 1 0
Overheat 5 0
Unable to jump to intended destination due to insufficient fuel 0 0
Attempted to scoop obviously unscoopable star 0 0
Unsafe drop from Supercruise within jet-cone (causing destruction) 1 1

Technical issues

Type Σ Δ
0 0