Mission Failure

Yesterday I thought I had a bad day with white dwarves.

Today, I jumped with my pre-charged FSD to another neutron star, charged and jumped again, and tried to charge a third time on a third neutron star.

I got too close to the neutron star while inside the jet cone, and was kicked out of supercruise while still inside the jet cone.

Because you get buffeted around inside the jet cone, and remaining in the jet cone for too long causes a lot of damage, my ship quickly lost the ability to fly.

I couldn’t jump to supercruise because I couldn’t reorient to the escape vector – assuming my FSD didn’t glitch out before that point. My AFMU couldn’t keep both my thrusters and FSD healthy enough not to glitch out.

Eventually, my canopy shattered, and at that point it was clearly game over. Being 7.7kly away from home, there’s no way I had any hope of getting to a station for repairs in the 25 minutes of life support I had available.

Thankfully, someone has kindly grabbed my escape pod and escorted me back to Flade Enterprise in LHS 28, where I’ve managed to convince the insurance people to give me a new ship.

Whether or not I’m going to actually get to see these bubblegum worlds now before the update is another matter, but alas I shall try again. Probably spending little to no time gathering exploration data while en-route – I can do that on the way back.


Current location LHS 28
Next waypoint Xeehia GT-G d11-9 (12623.17 ly, 289bcj)
Distance from Xeehia GT-G d11-9 12623.17 ly (289 bcj)
Distance from Blua Hypa HT-F d12-1226 2949.29 ly (68 bcj)
Distance from Dryoea Flyuae AA-A g392 5445.78 ly (125 bcj)
Distance from Kyloarph QY-S e3-1561 3201.86 ly (74 bcj)
Distance from Colonia 2408.91 ly (56 bcj)
Distance from HD 175876 19639.68 ly (449 bcj)
Distance from LHS 28 2468.52 ly (57 bcj)
Incident count 1
Jumps made 2
Jumps remaining (best case) 1118
Space madness 95 %


Unsafe drop from Supercruise within jet-cone (causing destruction)1