Patches of stars

As I progress through the galaxy, I’m noticing more and more that stars and systems seem to be grouped into areas. At first I was encountering a lot of single-star systems with many planets, then a lot of systems with no planets but many stars, and now I’m encountering a lot of white dwarves and neutron stars.

I did, however, encounter this pretty thing – a very fast neutron star near a pretty class-L star.I guess it’s just interesting seeing how different regions of the galaxy have different types of things to see.

However, I finished today with a few incidents with white dwarves – the jet cones are much smaller than that of neutron stars, so I’ve unfortunately tripped the supercruise safety mechanisms when trying to supercharge my FSD, and forcibly dropped out. Of course, white dwarves are also pretty hot, so I’ve had a few overheating issues as well.


Current location Nyeajaae NQ-Y d6
Next waypoint Xeehia GT-G d11-9 (5221.27 ly, 120bcj)
Distance from Xeehia GT-G d11-9 5221.27 ly (120 bcj)
Distance from Blua Hypa HT-F d12-1226 2949.29 ly (68 bcj)
Distance from Dryoea Flyuae AA-A g392 5445.78 ly (125 bcj)
Distance from Kyloarph QY-S e3-1561 3201.86 ly (74 bcj)
Distance from Colonia 2408.91 ly (56 bcj)
Distance from HD 175876 19639.68 ly (449 bcj)
Distance from LHS 28 2468.52 ly (57 bcj)
Incident count 7
Jumps made 43
Jumps remaining (best case) 949
Space madness 20 %


Unsafe drop from Supercruise (into star)2
Unsafe drop from Supercruise (into star causing overheat)1