Jaques – 4th Sep 3302 (Day 4)

Starting from swoiwns qd-h a92-2, my first incident was a nice “Frame Shift cancelled: insufficient fuel”, which sent me into a nice panic when I realised my reserve was also nearly empty, and the next reserve refill would surely drain my tank completely. Alas, there was still sufficient to jump to a nearby scoopable K class star, but that was far too fine. Not sure that I particularly would have enjoyed calling the fuel rats near out here. I entirely blame space madness.

Due to the continuing overpopulation of brown dwarves, a second diversion to fuel scoop was unfortunately required. A lovely F class gave me the required fuel. As luck would have it, the next star after that was an A class, and I need to learn the difference between throttle up (mapped as R Bumper) and Primary fire (for discovery scanner, mapped as R Trigger). Space madness.

An unidentified signal source led me close to an M class star – a little too close, and I ended up taking heat damage, so my AFMU got a little more use. The bad luck I’ve had for brown dwarves seems to have come to an end, or I’m in a really nice patch of stars, I dunno.

I took some time to drive around on a planet 3 jumps from my destination, found some Chromium, and I’m definitely getting better at driving the SRV in low gravity. I now just need to find some Vanadium so I can refill my AFMU.

Anyway, I made it to waypoint 2, and I’m parked on the high metal content world which is Bleia Eohn YC-V C5-22 A 1.



Current location Bleia Eohn YC-V c5-22
Next waypoint Aucopp LY-O b53-6 (995.08 ly, 62bcj)
Distance from Colonia 19987.14 ly (1236 bcj)
Incident count 4
Jumps made 45
Jumps remaining (best case) 1236
Space madness 28 %


Diversions to Fuel Scoop2
Unable to jump to intended destination due to insufficient fuel1