Jaques – 21st Sep 3302 (Day 12)

I started off from the mountainous area I left my ship in to discover that another planet in this system was causing a partial eclipse with the nearby star.

Beyond that, and a sudden urge – thankfully suppressed – to go fly around in the arches of stellar matter of a pretty B-class star, not a huge amount happened. This means, once again, I’ve had ZERO incidents. I might go as far as suggesting I’m getting better at flying now :P

I landed on a rather boring ice planet at Waypoint 11.




Current location Skaude SA-A b32-5
Next waypoint Prua Phoe SM-R c6-8 (994.5 ly, 62bcj)
Distance from Colonia 11017 ly (681 bcj)
Incident count 0
Jumps made 75
Jumps remaining (best case) 681
Space madness 44 %