Sagittarius A* – 4th Jan 3303 (Day 25)

Nothing particularly interesting on the journey front, other than that I made a rather annoying mistake on the plotting of the last waypoint, which I have reached.

As can be seen from the above, I took one coordinate in the wrong direction, as such Waypoint 14 is going in the wrong direction to Eyes of Riker. Fortunately, I realised this mistake early before another waypoint was plotted, and no further waypoints are needed to make up for this mistake. The upper green line is the route I should have followed, and now a new waypoint has been plotted to account for this mistake, which is the new Waypoint 15.


Current location Athaip JM-C d1041
Next waypoint Shrogea SG-F c11-1640 (914.01 ly, 52bcj)
Distance from Whambeia PO-Q e5-2321 3258.44 ly (183 bcj)
Distance from LHS 28 19284.07 ly (1081 bcj)
Incident count 0
Jumps made 31
Jumps remaining (best case) 1264
Space madness 80 %