Sagittarius A* – 5th Jan 3303 (Day 26)


There have been real confirmed reports of first contact with an unknown ship. As such, I’m skipping some of the sightseeing on my return to the bubble, and planning to make a beeline back as fast as possible. This will probably mean only scanning the primary star of a system at most, no more planetary scans, and also possibly attempting to use neutron stars to boost my journey back.

Anyway, other than that, waypoint 15 reached, waypoint 16 plotted towards Eyes of Riker still.


Current locationShrogea SG-F c11-1640
Next waypointOgainks GT-H d10-1210 (998.17 ly, 56bcj)
Distance from Whambeia PO-Q e5-23212344.45 ly (132 bcj)
Distance from LHS 2819284.07 ly (1081 bcj)
Incident count2
Jumps made53
Jumps remaining (best case)1213
Space madness85 %


Attempted Fuel Scoop from TTV1