Jaques – 7th Sep 3302 (Day 7)

Today, I finally escaped the T Tauri hell that is the Blae Drye sector.

Nine (!!!) T Tauri stars scooped from, and two that I suspected and took the time to scan before scooping and missed. A new record for incident count tonight. I’m seriously tempted to just remove T Tauri attempted scoopings as an incident category…

In the T Tauri selection tonight, I had two white (B “class”?) T Tauri, and a whole load of M- “class” T Tauri stars.

I also did a stupid and CFISed again while trying to pull up. While waiting for FSD cooldown though, a solar flare went right past my canopy, making me realise just how close to the star I was, though with the FSD not running I was maintaining a heat equilibrium, so I stopped for a few photos.

I found a nice trinary system too, and I was tempted to fly between the pair again, then space madness petered out and I flew in the opposite direction. I also found a stunning B-class that I also stopped for a photo with.

When I eventually escaped the Blae Drye sector and arrived at Waypoint 6, I decided to do my customary land on a planet in the waypoint system. A little over-confident in my driving perhaps, I managed to use SRV thrusters to get to about 22m off the ground, and then promptly rolled the SRV onto the roof. After about a minute of panic whether or not I could get back onto my wheels, I eventually managed, and went in search of a strange signal that popped up on the radar.

After rolling the SRV (again), I came across a Data Link, which is a first for me. Apparently the Federation is wanting a measly 4k credits for the data, so they can wait a while for it.


Current location NGC 6705 Sector CQ-Y e16
Next waypoint Pyraleau RP-G b43-6 (998.22 ly, 62bcj)
Distance from Colonia 15998.7 ly (989 bcj)
Incident count 12
Jumps made 76
Jumps remaining (best case) 989
Space madness 52 %


Unsafe drop from Supercruise (into star)1
Attempted Fuel Scoop from TTV9
Flipped SRV onto roof2

Technical issues

Scheduled task minimized game unexpectedly1