Jaques – 5th Oct 3302 (Day 16)

So I got lazy and tried to combine watching something and playing E:D at the same time. Now, you’d have thought I’d have learnt this by now, but never combine flying a spaceship near stars while distracted.

Distraction this time came at a cost of first flying far too close to a star while fly-by scooping – I must have just grazed the edge of the emergency stop zone.

The second cost of distraction was emergency stopping straight into a brown dwarf.


Anyway, Waypoint 17 reached, Waypoint 18 plotted, mostly because CMDR Braxton Doyle has nearly caught me up…


Current location Blua Eaec VW-Y b44-16
Next waypoint Boeph NH-V e2-1842 (998.86 ly, 62bcj)
Distance from Colonia 5032.15 ly (312 bcj)
Incident count 2
Jumps made 68
Jumps remaining (best case) 312
Space madness 56 %


Unsafe drop from Supercruise (into star)2