Shell-freezing Ctrl-S and other keyboard shortcuts

For a while now I’ve known about the rather annoying Linux shell freezing that happens when you press Ctrl-S. At first, it seems like a connection drop-out if it’s remote (I use the Linux shell a lot, via PuTTY on Windows), but it took me a few months to realise that it was when I pressed a key. A few months later, I learnt it was caused by Ctrl-S, when I meant to press Ctrl-D (EOF).

Apparently, this is intended behaviour – a scroll lock of sorts. Ctrl-S again doesn’t solve it, but Ctrl-Q will.

So, here’s a few other keyboard shortcuts you may or may not find useful – not all of these may work on every unix/linux variant.

Ctrl-A Moves the cursor to the beginning of the line. See Ctrl-E.
Ctrl-B Moves the cursor backward one character. See Ctrl-F.
Ctrl-C SIGINT – interrupts (cancels)
Ctrl-D EOF – end of file character, marks the end of user input. If used on an interactive shell, will log you out. If used on a STDIN stream, will mark the end of the stream so it stops expecting input from you.(These are essentially different angles on the same thing)
Ctrl-E Moves the cursor to the end of the line. See Ctrl-A.
Ctrl-F Moves the cursor forward one character. See Ctrl-B.
Ctrl-H Backspace
Ctrl-L Clears the screen (like the clear command)
Ctrl-N Next item in history. See Ctrl-P
Ctrl-P Previous item in history. See Ctrl-N
Ctrl-Q XON – Resumes screen output. See Ctrl-S.
Ctrl-R Reverse history search.
Ctrl-S XOFF – Suspends screen output. See Ctrl-Q.
Ctrl-U Delete line
Ctrl-W Delete last word
Ctrl-Z SIGTSTP – suspend a process. Can be resumed with either fg or bg

Thanks to and for some of the info here.

Google Blog javascript balls

So, I’ve just seen, if you don’t know what I’m on about, it’s pretty cool! Just mouse-over the balls, and have a play! :D

Unfortunately, they’ve hidden the code to do it, so there’s no easy way of finding out what they’ve done. Looks like each ball is tied to a specific point, and they just elastically bounce around that point. Still looks cool though :D

Front page redesign!

I’ve just redesigned the front page of the site – see what you think!

It replaces the navigation bar with a much more blocky navigation which takes up most of the front page, allowing you to easily get to an interesting bit – it looks cleaner too.