Jaques – 18th Oct 3302 (Day 21)


Again. Thankfully, the local interface to my seemingly remotely piloted ship has been a lot more stable today, so I wasn’t needing to reconnect every second jump like I was at points yesterday.

On the way I passed a beautiful L-class brown dwarf20161018230619_1

This was followed by one of the first peeks at the Colonia Nebula:


Space is confusing though, as the stars just suddenly… stop.


As I slowly continued, I could see the Colonia Nebula getting bigger in my field of vision as I drew closer and closer to it.


Alas, I finally made it to one jump to go, and decided to call it a night.


Wait, who am I kidding, it’s ONE JUMP TO GO!

So I arrived in the system, found Jaques, and proceeded to approach the station, I managed to get docking permission, and just about set down on the pad.

And then….


At least I’ve arrived.

After reconnecting back up to my ship, I repaired my ship, restocked it, sold my cargo and exploration data.

Eleven tons of Hutton Mugs have travelled over twenty-two thousand light years to be here, and all they get is 16,759/ton? That’s still over 180k credits profit though, given they’re cheap as chips at Hutton Orbital.


Balance 345,032
Repair cost (2,260) 342,772
Restock cost (1,232) 341,540
Hutton Mugs 180,521 522,061
Mossianite 11,736 533,797


I sold 1,596 bits of exploration data, worth a total of 12,337,830 credits, split over 33 pages, averaging to around 7,730 credits per bit of data.

 Income per page Unsellable data (too close; carries over)  Sold on this page Avg income per item
              547,727                    –                 50     10,954.54
              302,961                    –                 50       6,059.22
              311,714                    –                 50       6,234.28
              466,274                    –                 50       9,325.48
              583,735                    –                 50     11,674.70
              460,049                    –                 50       9,200.98
              306,713                    –                 50       6,134.26
              540,580                    –                 50     10,811.60
              407,844                    –                 50       8,156.88
              195,614                     1                 49       3,992.12
              296,218                     1                 49       6,045.27
              426,700                     1                 49       8,708.16
              476,212                     1                 49       9,718.61
              470,292                     1                 49       9,597.80
              401,666                     1                 49       8,197.27
              395,782                     1                 49       8,077.18
              320,651                     1                 49       6,543.90
              379,294                     1                 49       7,740.69
              325,276                     1                 49       6,638.29
              430,627                     1                 49       8,788.31
              410,520                     1                 49       8,377.96
              346,837                     1                 49       7,078.31
              415,685                     1                 49       8,483.37
              351,214                     1                 49       7,167.63
              276,369                     1                 49       5,640.18
              332,485                     1                 49       6,785.41
              378,474                     1                 49       7,723.96
              331,186                     2                 48       6,899.71
              315,687                     2                 48       6,576.81
              301,013                     2                 48       6,271.10
              386,762                     2                 48       8,057.54
              307,249                     2                 48       6,401.02
              138,420                     2                 24       5,767.50
         12,337,830              1,596       7,730.47

And so, an update on my financials:

Balance 533,797
Exploration data 12,337,830 12,871,627
First discovery bonuses 328,407 13,200,034

In addition, I ranked up to Pathfinder!

There’s a large part of me that doesn’t want to do any more exploration now, as I have Curiosity and Opportunity as my ships, and Pathfinder as my exploration rank…

That’s all for now, I’ll probably summarize everything tomorrow in a new post, but I FINALLY MADE IT!

Jaques – 9th Oct 3302 (Day 18)



On the topic of crazy worlds that CMDR Braxton Doyle has been finding, I thought I’d share this one that I found today, after doing a bit more exploration and less racing to Jaques:


The first thing that comes to my attention is the ammonia world next to the water world – worth a look I think. The water world checks out, and the water world… wait, didn’t I just say ammonia and water?

Anyway, I decided I’d go looking for Vanadium on Boeph DG-T C18-19 A 1, and after rolling the SRV a couple of times I came across this (as further proof for CMDR Braxton Doyle that this happens regularly):


Anyway, continuing the journey gave me the usual collection of stunning views, and an L-class that that have become something of a rarity again.

I landed on another planet to finish the day off, which was very bright to the point I couldn’t really see changes in the terrain. Looking up through the sunroof of the SRV shows how close we are to the star though.

And… to prove a point…

When I first set out, I predicted 1360 jumps as the best-case for Jaques, and today I’ve passed that, but I’m not too far off now. I reckon another three sessions or so and I should arrive!

Jaques – 8th Oct 3302 (Day 17)

I started off by meeting up with CMDR Braxton Doyle at Waypoint 17, which means he’s caught up to me again. We were both glad to see another ship, so stopped for a photo opportunity.

Anyway, it was suggested that I backtrack two jumps to a high metal content planet, Blua Eaec IY-H d10-140 1, on which CMDR Braxton Doyle told me there was Vanadium to find. After spending a lot of time roaming around in a crater full of green/grey fog, doing quite a lot of damage to my SRV to the point I had to repair it 4-5 times thanks to either the high gravity or the really bumpy surface, or both, I decided it was time to get out of the crater and try the surface of the planet proper. Having not much better luck on the surface, I cut my losses after quite a while and continued onwards, not before crashing into the planetary ring system on my way out though.

An interesting discovery was that of a brown dwarf with some very impressive rings – it’s definitely trying to be a planet!


I moved onwards to another high-metal content planet, and did find two new elements (zirconium and ruthenium) here, as well as getting enough resources to fill my materials storage. Some iron and some sulfur had to be discarded unfortunately. It’s worth noting that CMDR Braxton Doyle mentioned specifically materials being grouped together – is this not normal?

There’s been a few crazy systems too with huge numbers of planets and subsystems – here’s a few choice ones:

Other assorted pretties:

Jaques – 5th Oct 3302 (Day 16)

So I got lazy and tried to combine watching something and playing E:D at the same time. Now, you’d have thought I’d have learnt this by now, but never combine flying a spaceship near stars while distracted.

Distraction this time came at a cost of first flying far too close to a star while fly-by scooping – I must have just grazed the edge of the emergency stop zone.

The second cost of distraction was emergency stopping straight into a brown dwarf.


Anyway, Waypoint 17 reached, Waypoint 18 plotted, mostly because CMDR Braxton Doyle has nearly caught me up…