Elite: Dangerous stats on WordPress blog posts

One of the things that you may have noticed recently on the Elite: Dangerous posts on this site is the little statistics panels at the bottom of posts – this post is about those:

They are generated by a custom extension to the WordPress theme that I’m currently using, backed by a MySQL database. The database schema I’m using can be found here for those interested.
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Sagittarius A* – 18th Dec 3302 (Day 14)

After a minor incident where I decided to fly into a planet, today hasn’t been particularly exciting.

The only news of note to report is that I appear to have overtaken CMDR Braxton Doyle, as at the current time, the CMDR hasn’t plotted Waypoint 7 yet, so I’ve taken the initiative and plotted that now too. Whether or not he’ll follow me to my first via, I don’t know.

Sagittarius A* – 14th Dec 3302 (Day 12)

Again, not as exciting a day as yesterday, albeit a really long session given the amount of exploration data I’m collecting on this trip. :(

So much so, I forgot that I needed to scoop fuel…. yeah, I know, I’m an idiot. Luckily I had a choice of stars to scoop from, and managed to scoop from the primary star, a class A.

My first “true” binary system for quite a while also showed up.

Alas, I’ve reached Waypoint 5, and also added the Great Annihilator system to my list of places to visit while I’m in the vicinity of Sagittarius A* – I might as well take a look while I’m there!

Sagittarius A* – 13th Dec 3302 (Day 11)

Not a hugely exciting day, after the excitement of the interesting discoveries of yesterday.

I did find this stunning Earth-like world though:

… and this complex system…

and this beautiful star…

My ship appears to have been plagued with technical issues as well, ranging from multiple connection loss incidents between my cockpit and Curiosity’s computer network, causing flight to be challenging. I’m going to have to take the ship in for a service with an engineer when I get back to the bubble I think.

I heard what I assume are Thargoids again this evening… I must be going insane…

Anyway, I’ve heard about the Six Rings system at Myriesly RY-S e3-5414, so I’m going to add that to my list of places to check out along the way. I’ve no idea where I’m going to need to fit it in amongst my planned waypoints though…

Sagittarius A* – 12th Dec 3302 (Day 10)

I’ve spent a couple of weeks cooped up in my ship considering the journey ahead of me.

Space madness is real.

Of course, it didn’t help that I spent a little while away from the cockpit attempting to make some interesting clothing with some spare panel display LEDs that I found kicking around – which I must write up a post about at some point soon. That and getting to ingrossed in that pesky game I found on the ship’s computer, which appears to let you simulate a desk job in an office. I must delete that, it’s taking up valuable storage space that I could use for exploration data.

Huh, detailed surface scanners work through a star… interesting

Water based life…. on a gas giant… with an 80% hydrogen atmosphere…

Not only do brown dwarfs appear to pretend to be planets, apparently that class L hiding in the middle wants to as well…

Around Kyloarph JN-S d4-6126, I also heard a strange sound when I was in supercruise, which can only be described as Thargoids.

At least, either Thargoids or space madness…

And it must be space madness, because no being in their right mind would put seven stars in one system…

…although this is a very pretty blue star…

Must be space madness.

There’s no other explanation.

Alas, I must stop for the night, for I grow weary – not that much sleep is possible due to the brightness of the skies. I’m going to have to get a sleep mask or something when I get closer to the galactic core.

I’ve parked up in a system which no less than three class B stars, just for the sheer beauty aspect. It’s a shame they’re not really close together, or it’d make an amazing photo opportunity. Only 16 jumps to go until the next waypoint though!

Sagittarius A* – 20th Nov 3302 (Day 8)

Not much progress again today, other than a lot of driving around a planet which was impressively closed to a nearby planet, and the star.

I also managed to gain stocks of arsenic, which help pad out my materials bay somewhat, giving me another ingredient of premium jumponium.

I also spent long enough on the planet to witness a sunset, which was quite nice, but I called it a night soon after, and headed onwards to Waypoint 2.

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